The Crow House: Children's Theatre

15th Aug
Children | ALL EVENTS

A circus theatre show for all the family - aged 3 years to 100!
A derelict house appears in the middle of the street. The windows are shattered and a keep out sign bars the front door. A furious bird has taken up residency in the chimney and squawks territorially when anyone comes near the house. 

One by one three very different characters arrive through the audience and try to take over the house. A battle of wills and skills ensues with ducking and diving, wheeling and dealing and ingenious plans evolve as each person tries to gain a room inside.  Little by little in a choreographed frenzy of acrobatics, silks trapeze, hat juggling and slap stick they begin to accept each other and work to create a home together within the battered house. The only remaining problem ... the furious bird in the chimney.

A wonderful silent movie inspired show using an eclectic mix of circus, puppetry, musical saw, harp playing and audience participation.

Running time: 55 Minutes

Maesteg Town Hall

Tickets: £6.00

Ticket Status: Available

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